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Bike Back to School

Gear Up for the Year

Don’t put your bike down just because it’s time to pick up your pencils. On the contrary — cycling is the ideal form of transportation for students! Cycling keeps you fit, saves you time looking for parking spots, and saves you money on things that add up like a car, gas, and a parking pass. You can find everything you need right here to turn your bike into the ultimate form of transportation this year.

Best Bikes for Commuting



Go faster with less effort. You no longer have to show up to class sweaty.

Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid Bikes

Your jack-of-all-trades. Great for getting around town but can also handle a workout.

Gravel Bikes

Gravel Bikes

Another versatile option geared towards commuting longer distances.

Urban Bikes

Urban Bikes

These bikes are fun to ride around town! They are built for comfort over speed.

Dorm Life Top Pick

Folding Bikes

These are perfect for small spaces such as apartments and dorm rooms. They fold up nicely so you can carry them right into class with you.

Upgrade Your Helmet

You are spending a pretty penny to fill your brain with knowledge so strap your helmet on and protect it. A sturdy helmet can protect you on the off chance you take a tumble. These days, options are pretty extensive when it comes to helmet colors and designs so you should have no trouble finding a helmet that fits your personality.

Carry Your Bags With Ease

Ditch your backpack this year and try adding a cargo rack and a set of panniers to your bike. You’ll be surprised at how much easier and more enjoyable your ride to class becomes. If you are ballin’ on a budget, we recommend starting out with a more affordable cargo rack and bungee cords. It may not be the most aesthetically pleasing option, but it’s proven to work well (but is not waterproof).

Protect Your Bike from Sticky Fingers

Key Icon

Lock It Up

Choose a secure lock such as a U-lock. Stay away from cable locks that can be cut off by thieves. Be cautious with lighter weight locks in higher traffic areas. 

ID Card Icon

Register It

Using your bike’s serial number, register your bike with a free national online database such as 529 Garage or Bike Index. Both options are free and offer lifetime registration with only a name and email address.

Clock Icon

Store It

If you have the space, it’s always safer to bring your bike inside at night. Be wary of leaving your bike out on your patio or balcony unlocked, even if you are on the second story. If it’s not locked down, it can still be stolen.

Camera Icon

Document It

If your bike is ever stolen, these photos help prove that it's yours:

1. Serial number

2. You with the bike

3. Drive-side image of components

4. Any unique upgrades

Tips For E-Bike Owners

  • Remove the battery from your e-bike to help it blend in and become less of a target for thieves.
  • Use a lock that is appropriate for your e-bike. Not sure what you need? One of our team members will be able to help you find one. 
  • Keep your bike out of sight if you are done with it for the day. 
  • Try to find a bike locker or bike parking garage and make sure you are locking it up, even if it’s out of eyesight.  
  • Just like with a regular bike, register your e-bike with a free national online database such as 529 Garage or Bike Index
  • Some brands of e-bikes have apps for your phone that can help you keep track of your e-bike.

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