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Cycling Essentials | Build Your Ride Kit

Adventurers, Assemble

As the old saying goes, “be prepared.” This summer, conquer any ride thrown your way with the ultimate cycling package. Whether you want to explore off-road adventures, or you’re suiting up for sweat on a road ride, we have the gear you need to build your perfect cycling essentials kit.

Protect Your Noggin

We all take a tumble sometimes. Protect your most precious asset with the most important piece of gear - a quality helmet.

Beat the Heat

Master the elements with protection from the sun. Eyewear, hydration, and extra sunscreen let you cruise more comfortably in the summer heat.

Bring Extra Snacks

Avoid the post-adventure crash and fuel up while you ride. Slip an extra nutrition bar in your bag or pocket - you’ll be everyone’s new favorite riding buddy.

Fix Any Flat

Don’t get caught in a bind if you pop a tire. A multitool, spare tubes, a mini air pump, and a tire lever can easily fit in a compact saddle bag.

Keep It Safe

Feel free to extend your ride till dusk - bright lights will guide the way and keep you visible even when the sun sets. Secure your bike with a quality lock for peace of mind.